Sunday, 17 April 2016

My Turn to Propose...

A few weeks ago I decided I wanted to formally ask my best friends to be my Bridesmaids/ Maid of Honour. It has always been implied that they’d have first dibs on the roles but I wanted to do something a little more special.

My very first idea was to give them all a Lola’s cupcake with ‘will you be my bridesmaid?’ piped on - similar to their birthday cupcakes. But then I figured once it had been eaten, it’ll be nothing more than just a memory.

So after a few hours of browsing, I finally settled on personalised keyrings from It was an easy and user friendly process, the website offers templates which you can simply type in your desired text and choose a suitable background.

I chose to use a pink floral print as the background in line with my colour theme. I also wanted the keyrings to be packaged nicely so when the keyrings arrived, I made my own. With the help of my sister-in-law we hand stitched together hearts which we cut out of parcel paper and sprinkled a handful of confetti into the pouches before closing them up.

I planned for us to have a catch up meal, where I casually handed out random ‘gifts’ I made for them. Once opened, they were absolutely ecstatic and loved the whole idea. Seeing their faces light up and shout ‘YES’ made me feel ever so grateful to have such a lovely bunch of friends.

These keyrings are inexpensive and will definitely be valued by your MOH and Bridesmaids-to-be. I would recommend a special little proposal to your Bridesmaids/MOH as it is a sweet gesture and I guess a pre thank you and warning to future Bridezilla moments ahead. 

Happy Sunday x

Sunday, 20 March 2016

The Big Question

Just want to start off by saying I've been super MIA in the past few months, really sorry! To be honest, I lost all creativity and even though I don’t blog too often in general, I just wanted a break.

Soo from the title, I have some exciting news… he finally put a ring on it! I only had to wait 7 years and 3 months but hey I’m not complaining. It was the most perfect proposal and I'm still so surprised he managed to pull it off without me having any suspicions whatsoever.

As a couple we try to go on regular date nights and this one was no different except he was surprising me on the location. I should have twigged as it was top secret but he played it cool by telling me it wasn't a fancy restaurant and not to get my hopes up. So when the cab pulled up outside the Hilton hotel in Park Lane, I thought to myself, damn I'm so glad I didn't dress down.

Before entering the lift to the restaurant (Galvin at Windows on the 28th floor) he told me there would be a little surprise, something that was “part of the package”. There it was, the biggest hint of history and I didn't at all twig. I even cheekily asked him if this was a Groupon special haha!

We had a lovely view by the window and the evening was playing out perfectly. Before choosing our desserts, one of the managers came over to ask if everything was ok and as “part of the package” we would go outside for a better view.

We were escorted to the balcony and I was completely taken back by the view. There we stood on the 28th floor (bearing in mind Paul is crazy scared of heights) overlooking London – it was beautiful. I'm not going to lie, a proposal did cross my mind but I quickly erased those thoughts in case I was disappointed. Boy was I wrong!

I was completely overwhelmed and left him there on one knee for a few seconds whilst I processed it all. I made sure it wasn't a joke before finally accepting.

The night was absolutely magical and after 7 years Paul still knows how to sweep me off my feet. 

So after 6 months of debating we've finally set a date, which we feel is perfect - our 10th anniversary in 2018.

Happy Sunday x

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Eyelash Perming

My eyelashes are not exactly one of my best features. They're short, straight and limp. As I've previously mentioned, my lashes don't tend to curl or hold very well and I'm on a continuous quest to find the perfect mascara.

Pre-perm I youtube'd the process and read up on the pros and cons of this procedure and I decided to give it a go. I went into the Blink Brow Bar in Topshop Oxford Street and managed to get an appointment there and then. The whole process cost £50 and took roughly an hour which can get quite uncomfortable as you're sitting up rather than laying down.
After speaking to the beautician and picking the rod which best suited the length of my lashes, she began her magic. The perm consists of the following 4 stages:

Stage 1:
Popping the round rod as close to the lash line as possible and pulling the lashes onto it. This is the most uncomfortable stage as there is a lot of tugging. This is also the longest and hardest part of the process as the beautician is required to pull my baby lashes on the rod to stick them down. Sticking the lashes onto the rod helps create the desired curl when applying the perming lotion, almost like getting your hair permed, you need to use round curlers to create a curl.

Stage 2
Applying the perming lotion - this takes seconds to do but is required to be left on for at least 12 minutes. As I have very straight lashes the beautician left it on for 15 minutes. The smell of the lotion is a little unpleasant and you're advised not to apply make-up or wet the eye area for at least 24 hours so the smell of the chemical will be noticeable for a couple of days.

Stage 3
The perming lotion is removed and a fixing lotion is applied, this again is left on for at least 12 minutes.

Stage 4
The fixing lotion is removed and then the final lotion is applied, a nourishing cream. This is left on for 10 minutes and once removed the process is over.

It is a long winded process but I definitely think it was worth it. I wasn't 100% convinced at the beginning but after a week I am loving them. I didn't think it was possible for my lashes to hold a curl but with the help of a few lotions and an hour of my time, they can! The curl should last between 4-6 weeks which is perfect for holidays/special events.

Overall I am really impressed and would recommend lash perming to anyone who is tired of using their curlers on a daily basis or just generally wanting to wake up every day for 4-6 weeks with perfectly curled lashes... who doesn't love an I woke up like this moment?

Happy Sunday!
Pui x

Sunday, 2 August 2015

Birthday Outfit & Make-Up

I turned 25 last week so to kick it all off, I threw a party. The theme was Hello Kitty so of course everything had to be girly. A little background on my theme, about 10 years ago, I told my friends my 25th birthday party would be at my own house and it would be Hello Kitty themedWhen you're 15 you automatically assume that by the age of 25, you'd be married with a mortgage and maybe kids because you think being in your mid-twenties is actually old. Imagine the horror if my 15 year old self had known... marriage - no, house - no, kids - no! So anyway, I completely forgot all about it until I was reminded a few months ago and I thought why the hell not?! Here's to never growing up!

To fit the theme I chose a hot pink midi circle skirt paired with a white cropped top:

Top - Boohoo
Skirt - Missguided
Shoes - Dune

I kept my make up quite basic as I didn't want it to clash with my outfit. I opted for a light pink and brown smoky eye with a nude lip.

To achieve this look I used the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette on my eyes, Illamasqua lipstick in Sonnet on my lips, Benefit Hoola to contour, Benefit Browzing on my brows and Mac Pinch Me on my cheeks. It was all really subtle which was perfect for my bright outfit.

Happy Sunday

Pui x

Saturday, 11 July 2015

Wireless - OOTD

Festival season has kicked off in the UK and I had the best time at Wireless this year.
Good music, lots of booze, lovely weather and amazing company, I couldn't have possibly asked for a better day. I went on the Sunday and enjoyed performances from Charli XCX, Ciara, Rae Sremmurd, Nicki Minaj and many more.

My outfit was simple and comfy as you can get pretty hot and tired throughout the day so wearing heels is a big no no.

Statement head pieces are always a fun way to jazz up your outfit and bring a boring outfit to life. I absolutely loved my flower crown, though it was a little itchy on my forehead, it was super inexpensive and matched my make up/outfit completely.

Outfit Details:-
Flower Crown - Primark
Chain - Forever 21
Cropped Vest - H&M
Plaid Shirt - Forever 21
Denim Shorts - Forever 21
Converses - Office

I love getting ready for festivals and big events, stay tuned for my birthday make up & outfit. I'm turning 25 and having a big Hello Kitty birthday party (real mature, I know lol).

Pui x

Friday, 19 June 2015

Holiday Haul

I'll be flying out to Marrakech on Sunday (yay!) so I decided to do a spot of shopping beforehand. Holidays are always a great excuse to buy more clothes and accessories. This time I've tried to stick to key pieces which can be worn again when back in London. I have a tendency of buying really cute/fun holiday outfits and never wearing them again because it doesn't suit the non-exotic weather in London. Here are a few of my favourite pieces from my haul, mainly from H&M and Miss Selfridge :)

On a side note, I'll be off to Marrakech with my amazing boyfriend to celebrate our anniversary (disclaimer: this may be cheesy, so if cheese makes you gag, do stop reading at once lol). We've been together for 7 years (in 6 days) and I cannot thank him enough for being my number one supporter and always pushing me to aim higher. 

We've come a long way since getting together at 18 and we've had our fair share of ups and downs. From the petty little arguments to heated rows, I'd say we've now found our 'harmony' as the Barden Bellas (Pitch Perfect) put it.

Thank you for always putting up with me and loving me with the whole of your heart. I know you'll always have my back like a bra strap and the same goes for you... minus the bra of course haha! 

Happy Anniversary in advance, I love you millions! xxx

Pui x

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Review: Maybelline The Rocket Volum' Express Mascara (Waterproof)

The quest to find a great mascara is still on and this search is becoming endless and depressing! As you may or may not know, I'm not very blessed in the lash department thus the reason why I need a miracle product to help give my limp lashes some length and oomph!

I've heard great things about the Maybelline The Rocket mascara and thought I should give it a go as I haven't tried any of the Maybelline mascara ranges. I heard from the grape vine that this mascara could hold a curl perfectly and if there was a slight chance of this being true, I wanted it!

Eager to test this out and find out whether the rumors were true, I prepped my lashes with my trusty Shu curlers and applied the first coat. My immediate thought was 'can this brush get any bigger?', the brush is huge and somewhat resembles a bumble bee but I continued to proceed anyway, even if it was the death of me lol. The application is very easy and the tiny bristles manage to coat every single eyelash whilst separating them perfectly. I would prefer if the bristles were slightly longer but it does the job so I can't complain too much.

The consistency of this mascara is as expected for a waterproof product and to my surprise this product actually holds the curl for majority of the day. As I have hooded eyes, the fold on my right eye pushes down on the lashes more than my left eye and over time the lashes straighten out which is why finding a decent mascara is extra hard for me (and would explain the different lash lengths in the photos... anyone else have this issue? Please advise).

That aside this mascara has exceeded my expectations. It adds volume, separates and holds the curl in my lashes but it definitely won't be my holy grail as there are a few things I wish were different about this mascara. One obvious change would be the massive brush as it restricts me from working the product into the root of my lashes. This mascara also isn't lengthening and doesn't seem to thicken my lashes after two coats but this may well be due to it's newness.

Happy Sunday

Pui x