Sunday, 20 March 2016

The Big Question

Just want to start off by saying I've been super MIA in the past few months, really sorry! To be honest, I lost all creativity and even though I don’t blog too often in general, I just wanted a break.

Soo from the title, I have some exciting news… he finally put a ring on it! I only had to wait 7 years and 3 months but hey I’m not complaining. It was the most perfect proposal and I'm still so surprised he managed to pull it off without me having any suspicions whatsoever.

As a couple we try to go on regular date nights and this one was no different except he was surprising me on the location. I should have twigged as it was top secret but he played it cool by telling me it wasn't a fancy restaurant and not to get my hopes up. So when the cab pulled up outside the Hilton hotel in Park Lane, I thought to myself, damn I'm so glad I didn't dress down.

Before entering the lift to the restaurant (Galvin at Windows on the 28th floor) he told me there would be a little surprise, something that was “part of the package”. There it was, the biggest hint of history and I didn't at all twig. I even cheekily asked him if this was a Groupon special haha!

We had a lovely view by the window and the evening was playing out perfectly. Before choosing our desserts, one of the managers came over to ask if everything was ok and as “part of the package” we would go outside for a better view.

We were escorted to the balcony and I was completely taken back by the view. There we stood on the 28th floor (bearing in mind Paul is crazy scared of heights) overlooking London – it was beautiful. I'm not going to lie, a proposal did cross my mind but I quickly erased those thoughts in case I was disappointed. Boy was I wrong!

I was completely overwhelmed and left him there on one knee for a few seconds whilst I processed it all. I made sure it wasn't a joke before finally accepting.

The night was absolutely magical and after 7 years Paul still knows how to sweep me off my feet. 

So after 6 months of debating we've finally set a date, which we feel is perfect - our 10th anniversary in 2018.

Happy Sunday x

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